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Fulfilling Your Ministry

Israel Afolabi Ojo. 09/07/2018

"Fulfillment doesn’t come by being in a church where everything is ready; it comes by reaching men. When you touch lives for God’s glory you find joy. That is fulfillment."

Tell Archippus: "See to it that you complete the work you have received in the Lord." 
(Col 4:17,NIV )

Ministry comes before fulfillment. Without identifying ministry one cannot find fulfillment. The major reason some people say they are not fulfilled in a church or at work is because they don’t know what to do. They don’t know where to serve. Your fulfillment in life is a discovery of your place of service.

What is ministry?

The word ministry here is diakonia where the word deacon was formed. It means service, work, duties of a servant.
People confuse office with ministry. They are not the same.  Ministry is the WORK while OFFICE is the title or description of work. The ministry is the ASSIGNMENT while the office is the POSITION.

There is different between occupaying a position and doing the work. You may be occupying an office and you are not ministering or discharging the duties of the office. 

"When you don’t know your PRODUCT, MARKET and your ADVERTISING MEDIUM you have nothing to sell".

What is Fulfillment in ministry?

It is not occupaying a postion or having a title.  It is simply a discovery of the following:

1. The source of ministry: GOD

God. We receive ministry from God; not from men. Ministry is  a privilege, it a trust. When we recognize the one who employed us we know where to receive remuneration. Hebrew 11:6. Nobody can give you fulfillment in ministry because they did not employ you, nobody can pay or reward you in ministry because they are not the owner of the work. Stop looking for fulfillment around, look above; where The Source of the work is, go to the One who gave you the assignment.

2. The platform of ministry: YOUR POTENTIALS

Your potentials. Your spiritual gifts and talents. Eph 4:11-14. It is your Godgiven potentials and gifts that give you privilege and position you on the platform of ministry. The gift of a man makes room for him. UNTIL YOU HAVE PLATFORM YOU HAVE NO MINISTRY. THE ONLY WAY TO GET PLATFORM OF MINISTRY IS DISCOVERING YOU SPIRITUAL GIFTS. 

3. The target of ministry: MEN

Ministry is not in wearing suits and Hats on Sundays. It is not even preaching nor teaching. It is reaching and blessing men for God’s glory. It is edifying men for God. ANY THING YOU DO IN THE CHURCH, UNTIL MEN ARE EDIFIED AND TRANSFORMED AND RECONCILE TO GOD YOU HAVE NOT DONE MINISTRY. IT IS JUST A SHOW. IT CANNOT BRING FULFILLMENT. (2 Cor 5:18).
Fulfillment doesn’t come by being in a church where everything is ready, it comes by reaching men. When you touch lives for God’s glory you find joy. That is fulfillment!

4. Tool of ministry: THE WORD OF GOD

IF you want to reach men you need the tool of the ministry. It not title nor position. It is the WORD. It is what can transform. When men are blessed and transformed through your ministry you are a fulfilled man. Therefore to fulfil your ministry you must get the tool and focus on blessing men, not impressing them but leading them to God. What actually hooks men for the Lord is not the ‘strategies of church growth’. It is the word of life.
(John 6:67-68). 

If you are blessed, share it. God bless you. 


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