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Justify Your Existence

Israel Afolabi Ojo. 13/12/2016

"Living without purpose makes life burdensome and tedious. When a man knows what he lives for he maximizes every opportunity and God prolongs his live. As small as Jesus was at the age of 12, he understood purpose; he knew that opportunity given to a purposeless man is a waste. He understood what he came to do on earth. He knew the reason for living, that was why he did not die until he accomplished his task; he wouldn’t have escaped Herod and the Pharisees if not because he had reason for living. His being alive was justified."


Paul said “for me to live is Christ…” he could not die in roman prison because he was living for purpose. He justified the reason God must keep him alive because he must live for Him. When a man lives for God , God will keep him until he fulfil his reason for living.

The psalmist says “I shall not die, but live” and do what? He did not say to enjoy myself, or my family or to have a lot of children, he said “and declare the works of the Lord”. He justified his reason for living.

Why must you not die in this year? Why don’t you want sorrow, problem, lack, poverty, calamity and sickness next year? You must be able to justify the reasons you don’t want evil to befall you and your family in the coming years.
 Your purpose determines your reason and your reason determines your existence and God’s dealings with your life.
Do you want to live just to enjoy life? Do you want good health only to enjoy good health?
As for me I will not die but live and declare the works of the Lord, I will not fall sick but remain in good health to declare the works of the Lord, I will live for him so that he can keep me alive for his glory. What about you?


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