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Responsibility:The Price of greatness

Israel Afolabi Ojo. 18/03/2019

"Responsibilty is a combination of TWO words, responsive and ability."

Responsibility is a combination of two words - responsive and ability. To be responsible is to respond to an ability; it is a response to a situation using your given ability. To be irresponsible, therefore, means a refusal to respond to what you have the ability to do. The investments of God in your life are your potentials. Using them for the benefit of the kingdom is what makes you responsible. Sir Winston Churchill said, ‘the price of greatness is responsibility’

"The price of greatness is responsibility"-Sir Winston Churchill.

Consider these five words of wisdom from the parable of talents (Read Matt 25:14-28):

1. Ability determines responsibility: How responsible God expects you to be is determined by the level of your ability. He doesn’t expect more than what He gives you the capacity to do

2. Responding according to your ability multiplies your scope of service

3. Refusal to respond according to your ability reduces your scope of service.

4. Refusal to take responsibility is wickedness and laziness.

5. Refusal to take responsibility for your ability puts you in obscurity.

Go and take responsibility for your ability. Go and release your potentials through service.

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