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What is God teaching me at this time of compulsory holiday? (1)

Israel Afolabi Ojo. 07/04/2020

"We cannot continue to disregard the word of God globally and expect God to reveal the secrets to the problems of our world. We cannot continue to push God aside in our thoughts and expect breakthrough economically without adverse effects. We cannot go on rejecting absolute truth and expect progress without sorrow"

     It is a proven fact that men learn better when situations are not palatable. When things are hard. For example, When people die we learn soberness, when there is no money at times, husbands are gentle at home, they listen to advices from their wives. Someone who eats or drinks anything tends to learn when a sickness is dealing with him. Dirty people learn compulsory hygiene when their is epidemic around. Those who never have time for their family tends to repent when they break down and it is only their families they see around them. Nations learn to leave in peace after war, e.g Rwanda. Hard situation seems to be the moral teacher of mankind.  It seems God is using the current situation of our world to re-echo this truth. I hope individuals, families, nations, the entire world leaders will observe this truth at this terrible time. 

     Now that we are on compulsory holiday almost everywhere in the world, my concern is what is God saying? What lessons can I learn during this holiday? What pushed us into the compulsory holiday is not a news, all of us know it. That is not a subject of discussion here. I don't want to join people to do unnecessary debates and speculations on the problem;  I leave that to scientific and economic analysts. If the above fact is true about mankind that we learn fast in crisis then what is He teaching me at this time? I found today's lesson in Deuteronomy 29:29:

"The secret things belong to the Lord our God, but the things revealed belong to us and to our children forever, that we may follow all the words of this law" (NIV).

     Have you ever wonder why the pandemic that made almost the entire world to be indoors could affect the most powerful nations on earth? Who expected that Europe, and America will be most affected by now, what happed? are they not scientific enough? There is treatment but the cause is yet not known, the virus is known but the root is yet to be discovered. Except some speculations that even the scientists are yet to be sure of. If it is Africa that is most affected now, we will say we understand. I am sure, several of our leaders and mighty men would have relocated. But, see how the mighty are fallen. I am not being derogatory here, it is a global epidemic as revealed by the World Health Organisation. My problem is, why are the mighty and developed nations, who are well equipped medically and scientifically are the most affected now? Why does God hid this secret from the powerful nations till now despite the number of deaths on record everyday?  While praying for the mercy of God upon Europe, America, all other affected nations and Africa (a continent that the death toll would have outnumber that of Europe and America combined if not for God’s mercy), this is my lesson: 


     Scientific inventions and economic achievements seem to have replaced the voice of God in our world. Unfortunately, none of the scientific and economic theories propounded have given a definite solution to the current problem. A lot of false speculations and predictions are all over our social media platforms but no one cares to perceive the mind of God. It is sad that my fellow christians are also part of the sudden 'scientific prophets' and 'economic speculators'. Some have joined the social media money makers to sell their fake news and reports.
     Why is the solution to this problem seems hidden at this time? The verse says, all secrets belongs to God, the ones he reveals is for that we may follow his word. My lesson is that if God reveals some secrets so that we can follow his word then He wants our attention particularly at this time of world crisis. Some nations never gave credit to God for their scientific and economic achievements; they belief they are mere products of research, and there is nobody calls the revealer of secrets anywhere. They never understood that any kind of discovery is a revelation from God. God says "the secrets belongs to Him...". He is the custodian of any discovery made by man, He reveals them at will so that men can give Him glory and pay attention to His Words. Read Proverbs 25:2.

     We cannot continue to disregard the word of God globally and expect God to reveal the secrets to the problems of our world. We cannot continue to push God aside in our thoughts and expect breakthrough economically without adverse effects. We cannot go on to reject absolute truth and expect progress without sorrow. I think, it is time to seek the Lord in His word. What is He saying to the world and church leaders in this crisis? What is He saying to you personally while you’re forced to be indoors? We have heard enough of analysis and speculations. It’s time to hear what the Custodian of all secrets has to say or is saying to nations and the church currently.  I feel there is a strong message He is passing across to the entire world. The healing of our world is embeded in our ability to give attention to the message he is passing now. If we are humble enough to get the message then victory is around . He promised in 2chr 7:14: 

"if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land".

Join me to pray for all world leaders that,  may they hear clearly the message God is passing across to our world at this time of crisis so that He can reveal the secret to the problem our world faces presently”. 

God bless you.


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